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How much energy I get from my solar panels.

The question of productivity of your solar system is the key when you deside to become independent from power grid and get you own reliable, green and intermittent source of power.

Each country has different level of solar irradiation. It's evident that for example in Spain the amount of energy you get from sun is much more then in Finland or Estonia, but this does not mean that you should refuse from an idea to become independent, on the contrary, careful look at government incentive to buy solar panels, estimation of your power needs and final cost of solar system will allow you to make a right choice.

You have a wonderful opportunity to get estimation of power produced by your solar panels thanks to a free, available online powerful tool provided by European Commission.

We are providing a link to the source where you can select your particular location and simulate your solar system output.

The are different options to chose grid connected or off-grid, monthly, daily or hourly solar radiation and PV data. The tool will give you a good overview of your potential.

In order to get more detailed simulation additional parameters might be required. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we, or our local partners can help you with calculations of energy output, give advice of the best system suitable for your location and suggest good price for the system. Also you will get valuable advice on solar incentives in you are and how to get financial support in the beginning and how to use all benefits of you green, independent power source.

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